Patient Smile Gallery

At Dulku & Kang Dental, we are very proud of our dental treatments and would like to share some of work with you. We have included a few photos of our lovely patients which we hope may inspire you to take that first step towards your perfect smile.

Crowns & Gap Closure

Remedial replacement of previous crowns, and closure of gap.

Patient complained of long-standing, unsightly crowns and a large gap. The old crowns were removed and replaced with individual cosmetic EMAX crowns. The patient was very pleased to have a smile that she always wanted.

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Composite Bonding & Bridge

Severe tooth wear - Composite bonding and bridge.

Patient presented with missing teeth and severe tooth-wear. She would not smile in photographs and the situation greatly affected her confidence. A full mouth rehabilitation was carried out using composite bonding and a bridge to repair her front teeth (little or no tooth drilling and no anaesthetic). Crown and a lower denture were provided to replace her missing lower back teeth.

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Crowns & Bridge

Cosmetic crowns and bridge

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Minimal preparation bridges to replace missing back teeth.

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Composite Bonding

Composite bonding to level a submerged/short lateral incisor.

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